Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The kids are at my mom's house today. I have Christmas music blaring and I'm putting up all our decorations. There's a dusting of snow on the ground and I think I'll make some hot chocolate! I'm finished with my shopping. We'll get our tree this Saturday and I'll put the wrapped gifts out. I love this time of year.


Three Against One said...

Glad you all are back home safe and sound. Isn't the snow great, I don't care if it is just a dusting it really gets everyone in the mood for Christmas.

Tiffany said...

YAY! All I want for our trip home to St. Louis is some snow! YIPPIE!!!!!! I mean...I know that snow will be gone...but it just ups the chances of more snow...right?

blessedpath said...

Hope you had a great time by yourself today, putting up all the decorations. I just LOVE this time of year too. it's my favorite! You are COMPLETELY DONE with your shopping.... wow, impressive girl!!