Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My first Fling

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my friend Nicole and her boys. It was a blast and it wore us all out. Fun times. Today it's off to the pool with Suzanne and tomorrow we'll hang out with our lovely neighbors, Carol and Julie and their kiddos. Summertime and the livin' in busy! But oh so fun. Because I don't have too much interesting to share regarding kids, I'll follow in Nicole's footsteps and list a few things I'm not so crazy about and a few that I am. Dana from Mamalogues calls it a fling. So here goes:

Thing's I'd like to fling:
- Landon spitting up on me right as I walk into the gym. And not just any old spit up. He yacked his prunes all down my white shirt - prunes he'd eaten two hours earlier. Nice. Luckily I had a tank top on underneath - a female wife beater. I was lovely.

- Sloan's "quiet" rest time, which he's supposed to be having right now. Everytime he drops one of his cars on the hard wood floor, it sounds like a gunshot through the house and sends waves of frustration up my spine. His idea of quiet and mine are very different. We're working on a comprimise.

- The hole in our roof that's been there since the ice storm of January 2007! Birds have nested in it and had babies now. But we just don't want to shell out the money to get it fixed.

- People who pick their noses while driving their cars. Uhhh, I can still see you!

- The stench in our basement that I keep trying to ignore because whatever is causing it will probably cost money to fix.

Stuff I'd like to keep around:
- Landon's wet, sloppy kisses and the way he thinks it's funny to suck on my chin. Only when there aren't regurgitated prunes in his mouth, that is.

- The way Tia is saying new words every day and it's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. My favorite is the way that she says Sloan's name. "Hol." When she says it she sounds like a little bird cooing. The other day Sloan spit at her and she placed a prissy hand on her hip and said, "Hol, don piss." (translation: Sloan, don't spit) Awesome!

- The pride on Sloan's face when he manages to get himself going on his bike all by himself. Priceless.

- Ingrid Michaelson. I just love her coffee shop feel and her breezy voice. It makes me smile and bob my head like a fool.

- This tea. I drink it almost every night and a lot of mornings. It's the best tea I've had in a long time and it makes me feel all girly and sophisticated, even if I'm sitting in my pajamas with psychotic bed head. It needs no additives. Simply add hot water and enjoy!

- My husband, who is just awesome and so much help around the house. Last night he could tell I was exhausted so he made dinner, then cleaned it up and helped get the house in order and pretty much did everything. He rocks! And babe, just so you know, Brad Pitt's got nothin' on you (wink).
Okay, those are the things I'd like to fling and the things I'm crazy about. What about you? Do share!


Anonymous said...

You know what is funny? I went to Ingrid's website to see who she was and as the music came on, I immediately started bobbing my head up and down. Ha!
I love love Tia's piss story.

bugs & sunshine said...

Luke gives "hugs and pisses".

I have got to stop reading your posts right before I go to sleep. You are way too funny and I just laugh my head off out loud.

That tea looks great!! OOOH, and about the basement. Have you heard of Lampe Berger? You can usually find them at Hallmark or on Ebay. You fill them with the Lampe Berger oil and it will take away the stinkiest stink! They are wonderful!!!

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