Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Montage

The pictures in this post will definately make their wedding video's one day. I made attempt number two at finger painting this afternoon. We used the paints up. I'll not be buying more. As they happily painted away, I decided to run inside and quickly throw a load of laundry into the dryer. This is the sight I found when I returned. I was not all that surprised really. I mean, seriously, leave two kids alone with finger paints and what do you think will happen? Anyway, they had fun and I got good pictures. And I'm also throwing in a picture of Landon because he's just so yummy.
This is Sloan's Incredible Hulk shot.
Tia had paint down to her toes, in her hair and in other places...I have a picture of Sloan in this same outfit. I need to find it and compare the two. This picture just makes me smile.


kelly said...

what darling pictures! i am reminded of a story a good family friend told me upon finding out that we were having a boy. the day after their new white carpet was installed, her oldest son came running out of his room in his underwear - completely green! she had been trying to be an "artsy mom", as she put it & teach him how to paint & mix up colors, etc. he decided to dump the green paint powder in the middle of his room & then roll in it. he was thrilled with himself :) anyway, the morale of her tale was to remember that carpet can be replaced, but you can never go back & take a picture :) so you can be glad for 2 things - carpet wasn't involved, & you got a picture!!! haha! well, actually 3things - they used up the paint!!!

Three Against One said...

Lesson learned and I didn't even have to do it, thanks Kelli. I don't know I might have to let Claire try it at least once, but just prepare myself for the outcome. Isn't it fun putting them in the same outfits, I do that all the time with Paige and then compare her pic to Claire at the same age in the same outfit.

bugs & sunshine said...

you are a good mama for letting them finger paint!

one of my friends blogs-ok, well technically i don't know the girl but i love to read her posts because she's really fun- she filled each spot in a muffin tin with shaving cream then topped them with some kind of food coloring and the kids finger painted in the bathtub. i thought that was a cute idea i keep meaning to remember to try.

blessedpath said...

How great are those pictures!! Looks like the kids had a blast. I've never let my kids do that...I am feeling some guilt...okay I'm over it now:) That pic of Landon IS soooooo yummy, what a precious thing:) Oh, I just had a great idea.. YOUR house can be the art house, what time should we be up?!

Stuart Fam said...

Cade and Eli loved the Hulk pics! I am lovin' the Landon pic!