Monday, August 11, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Part 6 or 7

I have to commend the Ballwin police for the way they have handled my stolen wallet situation. In general, I would not think that a stolen wallet would be something that was overly important to them but they have been so thorough and helpful and I've been very impressed. Last night, the officer that took my report stopped by our house to see if everything was going okay as far as getting fraud protection. He also wanted to get the kids social security numbers to have on file in case anything came up. He could have called, but he just stopped by. That was very nice. Sloan was, of course, very fascinated with the police officer in our house. These were his exact words as we introduced him to Officer Richardson.
(Shaking the officer's hand)"Hi, my name's Sloan and I'm good to my sister. But sometimes I'm not good to my sister...are you going to put me in jail?"
We all got a good laugh out of that. Maybe that can be my new tactic when he and Tia are going at it. I'll just threaten to call Officer Richardson to take him to jail. Hmmmmm....


A Buns Life said...

My younger sister once called 911 when she was 3 and then hung up when I was babysitting her. Then we were just hanging out outside in the front yard and suddenly 4 police cars come speeding up into our yard and driveway....she suddenly starts screaming that she didn't call 911 and she didn't do anything! The police immediately knew what had happened, but you can sure bet what I used as black mail all summer long to get her to behave.....I never told my parents. heh, heh. All I had to say was 911 and she straightened right up!


Tiffany said...

What a nice guy! I say use'll be hilarious to see his face as you say, "I may just have to call officer Richardson today..." he he he!

love ya babe,

Julie said...

Sloan never surprises me with his comments, he is too funny!!
Carol and I saw the police up at your house last night and were a little worried glad to hear everything is okay.

Stuart Fam said...

ooooh, classic! Another keeper for the future wife!