Thursday, August 14, 2008

My first spinning class

This morning, I joined my neighbor Julie at her gym, the new and glorious Lifetime Fitness facility to take a spinning class. First of all this gym is like a Mecca for all those who love fitness. It is a world of its own and I am now putting the pressure on Lee to get a promotion so Mama can work out there! Julie told me about this class last week and I though, yeah, that'd be fun - I've never taken a spinning class and I hear it's a great workout. Mmmmhmmm...Take a few moments, would you, and enter into my brain as I suffered/endured an hour of spinning.
-Okay, this doesn't look so bad. It's kind of cold in here though.
-Man, these seats are a little uncomfortable. Maybe if I put my hand on the seat and push myself up a little it won't hurt...nope, still hurts and now my back hurts too. Not a good idea.
-Boy it's not as hard as I thought it would be. Wait, did she just say to increase resistance. 'kay that's easy. Oooohhh noooo it's not. Am I supposed to keep up with her?
-Boy, my rear end is really kind of hurting - how much longer do I have to do this? 55 minutes - great, cool - I'm gonna die.
-Why on God's green earth is the instructor smiling and joking? Weirdo.
-Geez it's hot in here. Why don't they turn the air down?
-Okay, seriously my butt hurts. Maybe if I sit on my towel it'll be better. Nope, still hurts.
-Increase resistance again? Is she nuts? My legs are supposed to be hot but not burning? Yeah, no - my legs are fine, but my butt is on fire so what do I do about that Cinderalla?
-Now I'm supposed to stand? And pedal at the same time? How much time is left - 35 minutes, dear God Almighty we're not even half way done.
-Okay I'm standing and pedaling and my legs are burning - they're not supposed to burn? How is that possible!!!
-It hurts now I want to sit. Please let us sit, please. Okay we can sit. Ow! Nope it hurts too much to sit - let's stand back up.
-10 minutes to go and I just realzied that I can no longer feel my butt. Is that a good thing? -You want me to pedal as fast as I can now? Here, how 'bout can pedal fast and I'll just sit and watch since you seem to enjoy this so much...
-5 minutes to go and my rear end is screaming at me again. I must have shifted in my seat during the fast part. It's time to cool down. When do we get off the bike? We can get off? Awesome! Whoa, my legs are a little noodle-y (it's a word).
Obviously I survived and unfortunately I don't think I worked as hard as I could have because the seats were so very uncomfortable, but according to the perky instructor it gets better the more often you take a class, which I know must be true since I seemed to be the only one in the room suffering - well, except for Julie who, comfortingly seemed to be in as much pain as I was. Oh well...maybe spinning isn't my thing, or maybe I'll try again sometime, we'll see.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and encouragement re: the clothes situation. Bethany, I will be calling you soon to set up a time and I'll reciprocate by watching Enna sometime for you (and if you see any baby boy clothes that you like, you can take them home with you!). Barbara, I would love your help, but maybe not this trip because I want you to be able to come and enjoy time with the kids and not be working so I'll take you up on it some other time. And I will post pictures of my glorious new organization if/when it ever gets done!


Jan said...

They call that spinning? It sounds like a stationary cycle thing. Spinning sounds like what my girls used to do with office chairs when they were little.

Your narrative was awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

What in the world is spinning? It sounded like you were riding a bike the whole time, and the pain so severe that upon reading about it, I actually experienced it. I'm so glad, too, because I have not exercised today, and it looks like I'm not going to have time. So, thanks, it looks like you killed two bodies with one work-out. See you tomorrow!

Kelli McGill said...

Um, you're my hero for even attempting to do this! Club Fitness has a spinning class...but I'm terrified of it. There are about 40 bikes crammed into a tiny room. Then they turn off the lights when you "spin". Which seems a little odd...but if I were in there I'd be happy because I wouldn't want a single soul to see me attempt to do that (especially a soul that is literally 6 inches from me).

blessedpath said...

Some girls at work were talking about their spinning class the other night. They say you MUST buy a bigger, padded bike seat (you can get them for $20 apparently) to place over the one at the club. Surely my behind would have enough padding on it.... I don't think I'll try, The girls at work say you either love or hate it...guess so.

zusjames said...

Note to self: NO SPINNING CLASSES! Thanks for the warning! We are considering Lifetime. Our membership expires in September. Did you like it there? I imagine it as a bar with everyone in spandex and membership for just single, hot bods. Am I all wrong 'bout that?

Three Against One said...

Oh come on Kelli it wasn't that bad, okay maybe it was until our butts went numb but then we were good to go!!  I had a lot of fun going with you thanks for the laughs.  I will try it again next week and let you know if it is any easier the second time around, probably not because my poor little buttox will now know what to expect.  BTW, I am so excited that I got mentioned in one of your entries, yeah me!!

Three Against One said...
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