Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 2, Much better

A better day. Landon slept really well last night, Sloan was in school until 3:00 today and my AWESOME neighbor, Carol, kept Landon so I could go to the grocery store. Thanks again, Carol. All three kids went to bed early and I relaxed. I just watched Jon and Kate Plus 8. Do any of you watch that? It's on TLC on Monday nights. You should watch it - it's great. It makes my three kids look like a walk in the park. Tia climbed out of her crib twice today. I think we're going to have to transition to big girl bed soon, which I wasn't quite ready for but I don't want her to hurt herself. We'll see. Now I'm off to bed. I may actually be asleep before 10:00 tonight! Woohoo!


JILLIAN said...

Kelli, I'm praying for you while Lee is out of town. I hope all of your days are better than the first. Three kids on your own - you are my hero!

Stuart Fam said...

I love John and Kate plus 8! Any woman who has the guts to show her "dog jowls" after birthing 6 kids at the same time gets my vote. Have you ever seen a more organized home---even in the chaos???

blessedpath said...

Kelli, I am so amazed at your ability to be slow to anger!! You said you held your tongue a few times.........Unfortunately when my 2 were littler they heard some choice words come from my mouth! You have been doing awesome with Lee gone. I so remember the days I just couldn't wait for nap/bed time...they're sooo angelic when they sleep.
John and Kate plus 8 is awesome.
they are so real!! The kids and I loved the time with Landon today. He is scrumtious!!!(sp?) Hang in there!