Friday, January 11, 2008

No such luck

Well, I had hoped our miraculous five hour stretch would become a pattern, but last night was not quite as good. He did well the first half of the night, I must say, but the second half...not so much. From 3:30-7:00 he grunted and fussed and groaned. I finally just put a pillow over my head and dozed in and out.
Now Sloan is complaining of an earache and Tia is coughing so hard she has a hard time catching her breath. Guess who's making a trip to the pediatrician today? I hate winter. I want to move to Florida. I bet kids never get sick there :).
Speaking of Florida, we just got tickets booked to go down there in March. I'm so excited I can hardly wait. It seems like forever! I love it down there. I really would move there if I could.
And finally, I wanted to add a couple of pictures that I took with our new camera yesterday. We got this awesome new camera for Christmas from Lee's parents and it's great, but it's muy complicated. You need a photography degree to know how to use all the cool features. But I am slowly learning through trial and error. I tried reading the book on it, but it was like trying to decipher hyrogliphics. So, this is what I came up with yesterday. Not great yet, but I'm getting there!

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Brad said...

Thanks so much for passing along info about your blog - and thanks for all the wonderful updates! Yeah - 3 kids present plenty of challenges . . . and also plenty of blessings and joys! I'm speaking from first-hand experience. And I'm hearing the same stuff from the Hollis household in Memphis. I'm rooting for ya regarding better night-time sleep for everyone as well as some quick recoveries from coughs and colds. Much love to all!