Monday, May 5, 2008

Read with Kleenex

I linked to this blog off another friend's blog. I recently told you how much I love the group Selah. I am just always uplifted by their music and have followed them for many years. A month ago, lead singer Todd and his wife had a special little girl. Read this post to be uplifted, but have Kleenex handy!


kelly said...

okay, i can't read that blog right now - i'm kind of emotional & i've had way too much candy today (see my blog), but i wanted to say that as i mom of just one, your previous blog today made me think of you as super mom :) seriously, i think the ottoman idea was great - even if they didn't get along just a few minutes later. i'm thankful to get snip-its & advice for what is sure to be my future life!!! my sister & i fought incessantly, & i don't remember my mom having any genius ideas on how to deal with it, yet we really love each other to this day. so maybe that gives you some hope??! (can you remind me of that in a few years??)
seriously kelli - thanks for being so honest about your life - it's quite refreshing!

blessedpath said...

WOW!! I just read the blog about little Audrey Caroline.....You warned us to have tissues ready, but did I listen! I have been sobbing, that speaks volumes to me. What an awesome God we serve. I

Stuart Fam said...

Oh, wow. What a precious family and a neat perspective they have on things. How fun it is to "see into" a "famous" person's life to see how they deal with life. I am with ya on it, love it, love it!