Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Daddy

Hey dad! We sure do miss you here at home. We hate it when you leave. But we're having a lot of fun. Yesterday we went to the zoo and saw all the animals. It was so cool! Especially the giraffes. You can read about that here. Tia really liked the snakes a lot. She kept getting right up to the window and staring at them. For a little girl, she's not very girly. Landon also got to ride the Carousel and he really liked it. He laughed and squealed the whole time.AND we got to ride the train which was my favorite part. I got to sit in the back and say All Aboard and I said it really, really loud. Mommy sat in front of me with Tia and Bubba.
Last night mommy and Byshka got ready for the garage sale. Ummm...Tia and I didn't do a very good job going to sleep so tonight mommy is making us go to sleep in different beds. She said we can try to go to sleep in the same room again tomorrow night. Just to let you know, daddy. I think mommy might be losing it a little. You should come home soon.

Today we had the garage sale. Not many people came so mommy is going to do it again on Wednesday. I think she's crazy, but she wants to get rid of all that stuff! I was a great salesman. I talked several people into items that I don't think they really needed or wanted. We also went to my soccer game where I totally ruled and kicked the ball so hard. Then we went to Sonic and got a slushie and to Snip-its to get my hair cut. Mommy took a picture of my awesome new hair-do. My hair has never been this short! It was a busy day, daddy. Boy, I sure am tired. I'm going to go to bed now. I'm gonna go right to sleep, like the angel that I am. Night!

(Oh, and no matter what mom may tell you, I really was an angel while you were gone. I followed direction immeditaely, was very respectful, and never talked back. Don't listen to what mommy says. Not a word...)


heresthediehl said...

Sloan, you got a great haircut today!

Tell your mama that I love her hat, too :)

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Do you have any 18-24-2T girls stuff left for the sale on Wednesday? If so I might have to stop by. :)


blessedpath said...

LOVE your new haircut Sloan, you look totally COOL dude!! You look like you are 7now!