Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Katya Rose!

To my precious little girl,

Happy 2nd birthday. Oh, how much I love you. You move my heart in so many different ways and I am honored and blessed to be called your mom. Two years is not very long, but somehow I feel I've known you my whole life. When I look back to the years when daddy and I were married before kids, I still see you and Sloan and Landon in those memories. It's as if you've always been here.

My darling daughter, I love you in so many ways. I love your zest for life. I love the way that you will do anything you want out of sheer determination. Your indepence, while frightening at times, is amazing to me. Very few things frighten you. You're so brave and free and happy. I love the way you get to laughing so hard that the laughter comes out in one long stream, with hardly any break in the sound. I love watching you smile, your chubby little cheeks drawing up and your big, blue eyes twinkling in delight. You are infectious and joyful.

Over the past few months, you have become your brother's shadow. No matter what he does, you will follow him and you will do the exact same thing. You watch him closely, and despite the fact that you two seem to fight like cats and dogs, I know you desperately love one another. When he leaves for school in the morning, you get the most pitiful look on your face as you know you've lost your playmate for the next few hours.

You are a master mimic and mime. You communicate through charades as you just refuse to talk. There is no need, though, because we always know exactly what you are saying. Your eyes light up as you point and gesture until we guess what it is you are trying to tell us. "Uh-huh," and "uh-uh," are your words of choice. Sometimes it can be frustrating to us, but most of the time it is so adorable watching you "talk." Even Sloan has learned your language and sometimes you two have whole conversations without saying a real word.

You've done so well with your new baby brother. You've been sweet and patient with him as he's taken mommy away from you from time to time. You give him kisses and love to hold him. You also love to dig your nails into his head from time to time...we're working on that.

You've become quite the daddy's girl lately. You save your best snuggles and hugs for him and it melts him to his very core. You smack your lips for a kiss in his direction and no matter how late he may be walking out the door, he'll always turn around and give you one more kiss. How precious you are to him.

My hopes and dreams for you, Tia, are that you one day grow up to know how treasured you are, not just by me and daddy, but also by God. I pray you know Jesus, baby. I pray that you grow up to be a young woman of grace and peace, of virtue and strength, of wisdom and gentleness. Those are my greatest desires for you.

My sweet Tia Rose. You were a much prayed for little girl. For nearly a year, mommy and daddy longed and prayed for a child and could not get pregnant. Then, all of the sudden, it happened. And for nine months, we prepared ourselves for another little boy, though deep in my heart, I knew you were going to be my little girl. The day you were born was shocking for us all. The Stuart family had not seen a little girl for many, many years. And now, here you are. Growing up. You're not my baby anymore. S Dyen Razjdyenya, moya Katinka. Ya tebya tak ochen lyiublyiu.

Love, Mama


Nicole said...

I'm crying. That was beautiful!

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Tia. There were lots of us praying for your arrival, and we were so excited to find out that a girl was being added to the Stuart mix! Someday you'll understand how surprised we all were :)

Tiffany said...

And what a joy it was to walk with you guys through that journey. She is indeed a precious gift.

Love you guys

Stuart Fam said...

Happy Birthday Tia Rose! We are so happy you are our niece! We love you and hope someday we can give you a girl cousin....but we won't hold our breath!
Love, Uncle Eric and Aunt Becke'