Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So far so good

So, we put Tia in a big girl bed tonight. She went right to sleep. She seemed a little perplexed by it and kept looking at her crib like she didn't understand why she had to sleep in this bed when there was obviously a perfectly good bed right there. But, she did not get up so we'll see how it goes. I fully anticipate her waking up and traipsing into our room early in the morning.

In other kid news (because really, what other news is there?), Sloan is absolutely petrified of thunder. It all stems from last year when we had a big, nasty ice storm and had a lot of damage to our house. A limb came through the roof, lots came down in the driveway and yard so that we couldn't back out and we lost power for five days. We still have a visual reminder of a tarp on the roof because we're lazy and haven't gotten it fixed yet. It didn't actually come into the house so it's been easy to ignore. Anyway, since then Sloan has been a basket case anytime he sees a flicker of lightening or a rumble of thunder. Tonight we told him that lightening was just the angels taking pictures from heaven and thunder was them clapping at how beautiful the earth is. Yeah, it wasn't that effective, though we did notice him grinning really big when he looked out the window. The boy can never resist the chance to ham it up for the camera. Now he's asleep with his sound machine turned up so loud it sounds like Niagara Falls in the next room. We'll probably all have to pee all night...

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Stuart Fam said...

I am so proud! She is doing better that Sam, who cries and points to his crib and says, BED!!