Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow day

Sledding rules!!! Lee and I agreed that if we lived in Florida we couldn't have good fun like this! Of course, down there we could water ski... Tia and daddy went down first, and Tia did not have fun. She watched from the top of the hill the rest of the time.
Mommy getting a push from Sloan.
Mommy flying off the jump.
This is Sloan catching some serious air, just before he landed on his head. It's all fun and games...
Daddy going off the jump. Graceful isn't he?


blessedpath said...

Kelli! Where did you guys find such an awesome hill to sled down? We went sledding too, but our hill we found was not as "tubular" as yours!!! I would have been sitting with Tia!!

Stuarts said...

We went to Vlasis Park! It's awesome. Just the right size so that it's fun to slide down, but Sloan can still walk back up himself.

blessedpath said...

Hey Tony Hawk!!! Nice half-pipe!! you rock!! From your biggest fan, Mike

Stuart Fam said...

I am so jealous! We haven't had one single stickable flake yet!