Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Advent Fun

Yesterday, Lee and I took Sloan to the Family Advent Workshop at our church. I'm so impressed at how well organized this event is. They have so many people volunteer to help and they make some really fun, unique little crafts. It's great fun for the kids and adults. Lee and I really enjoyed having the time alone with Sloan. We don't get much one on one time with him so it was fun to just walk around with him and watch him put together the little crafts. He got dangerously good with a hot glue gun. I love that kid. Here are a few of the treasures we came home with:
Sloan liked gluing stuff all over his bird house - mostly I think he enjoyed playing with the glue gun. We got to make three jars of the cookie mix so we'll be enjoying cookies for quite some time!
We came home with five or six of these little ornaments because my mom was helping out in that room and so we just kept making them. They're pretty cute though...

Sloan's favorite craft was the nativity scene. They gave everyone a little kit with all the characters in it and you glued them into the manger and added the star and sawdust. It turned out really cute. This is something we'll probably keep forever.


Kelli McGill said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. They put a TON of work into organizing it, so it is nice to hear how much families enjoy it the workshop.

Anonymous said...

I too was impressed with the attention to detail... it seemed like the women in charge thought of everything! Very fun and well thought out!
Elizabeth Ward

blessedpath said...

Man, those are NICE crafts they made!! Glad you had some fun quality time with Sloan! The nativity is very nice!!

Sveta said...

Such activities promote many nice things:
- develop creativity
- help parents and a child himself understand what the child is good at
- unite family
- bring great experiences and leave unforgettable feeling and memories.
good for you

Stuarts said...

Sveta! You were able to leave a comment! I'm so glad! Everyone, meet my dear friend Sveta from Kiev, Ukraine. She is like my long lost sister and I'm so glad we are able to share life experiences, even from across the ocean! Much love to you, Sveta!