Tuesday, November 4, 2008


* It's decided. Barack Obama is our new President elect. It's not a surprise, but it is a disappointment. I'm disappointed that more people were not able to see through his slick, polished talk and see the true nature of who he is as a politician and who he will be as a leader. As I stated below, I have no doubt that God is still seated on His throne. He ordained Barack Obama for such a time as this. The next four years will be interesting. I'm certainly concerned, not only for myself but also for the ramifications that my children will now experience. But, I trust...I urge all believers to be on thier knees these next four years. It will take the mighty cry of a multitude pleading for God's grace, mercy and protection on us. Some of you who read this will not agree with me. That's okay. I can handle that. But for those of you who do, I implore you to be faithful to pray for our new President and for our country. Change is coming. It will not all be for the better. But God is in control.

Praise God election day has finally arrived. I know I am not alone in my utter fatigue of the campaigning process. It feels like we've been watching and dealing with this garbage for two years. Today it will be decided. Tomorrow we will wake up with a new set of issues to worry about and debate, no matter who wins.

I woke up the other night filled with anxiety over this election. I found myself repeating the verse over and over, "Be anxious in nothing, but in all things, through prayer and petition make your requests known to God." I know God is in control. I know He's on His throne. I know that He has ordained the man who will be our next President elect. And I do take comfort and peace in that knowledge. But, I pray with all my heart that it is not Barack Obama. I fear the direction our nation will head with him as our leader. I do not question the motives of Obama. I don't think he's a terrorist or the anti-Christ, or even a Muslim. But, I do believe he has some very skewed beliefs and morals and they will indeed negatively affect this country - permanently. My biggest fear with Obama in leadership is the potential for us to lose the hand of God's protection. If Obama has any intelligence, he will make sure he keeps us alligned with Israel and continues to protect that country. If he does not, we will not be in a good position. I hope he understands this.

More than Obama's socilaist economic policies (which I loathe), I worry about his stance on issues that have been pushed under the rug this election period. His stance on the right to life is so liberal it ought to be criminal. The unborn will lose any protection they have at all if Barack Obama is elected. He's been very clear on this issue. That is a very scary thought. The insitution of marriage will also be at risk. People don't seem to understand the ramifications that these policies will have on our country. We will forever be altered. People seem to think we're evolving - that it's time we evolve - well, we're evolving alright, it's just in the wrong direction.

Anyway, I will be going to the polls today with a prayerful heart. My soul cries out for protection on this day. My specific prayer is that John McCain will somehow pull out a win. But, no matter what happens, I will trust that my God is the same today as He was yesterday, and He'll be the same tomorrow and through infinity. There is peace in that.


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blessedpath said...

Amen, well put. You just summed up the feelings and prayers of so many of us on this important day.

Stuart Fam said...

My stomach has been upset all day. I think it is nerves. I have also been weepy. I am trying to rest in God's sovereignty....knowing that He is good...and He may do things a little differently than I would to bring about His glory. Well written.

Jan said...

You said that very well, Kelli.

Three Against One said...

I am so sad! I was laying in bed last night watching as McCain gave his speech and thought to myself why couldn't people see that he was the right choice? I know that a lot of people thought that by changing from a Republican to a Democrat in the presidental seat would make a difference, but they are wrong, it goes much deeper than that.

The Original 2 Prices said...

thanks for encouragement- my heart is heavy, and I continue to feel burdened for our children and legacy our generation is leaving. I'm trying to remember that the Lord is close to the broken- hearted and those crushed in spirit (too dramatic?). Tom keeps quoting Dave Ramsey- that we have read the end of the book- and we win. It's not the end that burdens me- it's the middle..... stand firm