Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Potties and Revolving Doors

You would think that since I have successfuly potty trained one human being, I would have a little confidence in my ability to potty train a second. Wrong! I feel like I'm walking around with two left feet, stumbling over myself to figure out what on earth to do with poor Tia. To train or not to train...that really is the question. On the one hand, I think that she's fairly ready, though I think she may still be a little young. And the youth factor is what's getting me. Well, that and the fact that I am gulumping around the house like a moose trying to take her to the bathroom but not timing it right at all. I think this is just poor timing for me, not necessarily her. With Sloan still in school and it still be kind of cold out, a lot more is required of me. She gets cold without pants on, or she wants to go outside and play so I have to bundle her up, which makes accidents even more of a hassle. Plus, my mom is out of town for two weeks which means I have no help. I really need a couple of days alone with Tia. We need Potty Boot Camp! So, my thought was that I would just put her in pull ups but really talk them up like they're underwear and still take her to the bathroom but not have to deal with the mess if our timing's off. I guess that's fine for now, but it's not very effective training. Oh well. My one solice is that it will not be like this forever right? Right?
I have come to the conclusion, however, that I will likely never get a good night's sleep again. Apparently, our bedroom has a revolving door and it appears our children like to come through it at all hours of the night (or cry out for us to come to them). A typical night for us usually includes Landon getting up once to eat, Sloan getting up once for any plethora of reasons (from being scared to needing more light to his toe hurting...that's right his toe hurting. This is actually one of his more frequent middle of the night complaints.), and Tia generally waking up at the crack of dawn and waking up at least one of her brothers in the process. Last night we even got the joy off a tumble out of bed. We heard this crash about 10:00 and it scared us both. We went running into the nursery and found Tia standing in a daze next to her bed. Now she has a toddler bed so I'm not sure how she managed to fall such a short distance and make such a loud noise. Luckily she's like super sleeper and went right back to bed. And Landon didn't wake up, which was a huge praise. So if you see me and I look's because I am. But, on a happier note, it's beginning to look a lot like spring! The trees are budding, the grass is green and my eyes are running! Woohoo! I can't wait for warmer weather!!!

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