Monday, April 7, 2008

Tia Tales and other weekend highlights

Well, it's been quite awhile since I have posted a tale of my crazy daughter. So here we go. Saturday was gorgeous here! The first day that I feel like I could truly call a perfect day. So, late that afternoon, we decided to take the kids to the park for the first time in months. Lee had to run through Fed Ex on the way, so I gave the kids some cereal to munch on in the car and off we went. At Fed Ex, the kids and I sat in the car and waited on Lee. They were happily chomping on their Gorilla Munch (think Kix, only organic) and I was reminiscing as I listened to Micael Jackson on my MP3 Player. Then I heard Tia.

"Mama, Mama."

I looked back and she was pointing at her nose (can you tell where I'm going with this?) Because she's had a cold, I reached back and did the mom pinch (you know squeezing as much snot out of her nose as I can, then wiping it somewhere discreet, like her pants. Gross...I know.) But when I did that I noticed a knot in her nose. Yep. You guessed. She had shoved a piece of Gorilla Munch all the way up her nose. It was now lodged in the skinny part of her nasal passage. Lovely. So, I stuck my pinky up there and tried to get it out. All that happened was blood began pouring out of her nose. Literally, a steady stream of blood. Well, at this point Sloan is quite freaking out. He's not so tough when it comes to blood. Neither am I. I also have nothing in my car to wipe it up with, so I jump out of the car and tear into Fed Ex, my hands covered in blood saying in as calm and cool a voice as I can muster up, "Do you guys have any Kleenex or paper towel?" Lee pretends not to know me. I see some paper towel on a little rack and grab a few and run back out to the car. Tia has now smeared blood all over her face and up to her elbow. Sloan is near comatose from his severe freaking out and I'm giggling because only Tia could do this. Praise God she just recently figured out how to blow her nose. After a couple of blows, the now soggy piece of Gorilla Munch dislodged itself and I was able to get the bleeding to stop. Then I had to do the spit and wipe all over her face to get her cleaned up. Meanwhile, she's just looking around like "What's the big deal?" We then spent a significant amount of time talking about why we do not put anything in our noses.

In other news, Lee completed the marathon relay yesterday. You'll notice that I did not include myself in that, because I realized not long ago that there was absolutely no way that I was going to manage to pull that run off. And my friend Amy knew someone who wanted to take my place so I gladly reliquished my spot knowing that it was much less shameful to back out ahead of time than to have to stop and walk during the race. But I am proud of Lee. And a little annoyed at how good of an athlete he is. He hardly trained at all, but still managed to go out and run 6.4 miles in 54.5 minutes! That's crazy. And he was hurting! But he made it and wants to do it again.

The kids and I did drive downtown to watch him, which, incidentally, I deserve a friggin' medal for managing to get all three kids downtown, park, find Lee, watch the race, drive them by the Arch, and get home all without losing my patience or getting lost. It was actually fun! A quick Sloan story, as we were walking back to our car, we passed a man who had run in the about as tight of lycra pants as one can find. They were a deep blue with large polka dots all over them and they left nothing to the imagination. As we're passing, Sloan says - loudly - "Wow, mom. He has on funny pants. I could see his booty and everything!" Nice. The above picture is of all of us after Lee and his team finished. And finally, I'm posting a picture of Landon and all his chubbiness. He's so cute and fun these days. Very smily and happy. He's got another cold too, poor little guy, and it stinks because he was just getting good at sleeping in his bed and it's back to the car seat. Oh well. Bye for now, blog world!


heresthediehl said...

gotta love food up the nose!

and, way to go lee!

JILLIAN said...

Poor Tia... poor you! When I was her age I managed to get a screw stuck up my nose and ended up in the ER. I'm thankful for you that it was just cereal! Tell Lee congrats on the race!

Tiffany said...

OH MAN! That's nuts! Landon is looking awfully cute babe!


Stuart Fam said...

That Tia tale is way gross. She seems to be collecting quite a few gross tales these days! Landon is such a hunk, I want to eat him up! I love that all of your babies have been chubby! As far as Lee goes, I hate him for being so thin and not really having to work at it (and being able to run a marathon whenever the heck he wants.)