Friday, February 13, 2009

My Funny Valentine

I love this sweet boy. He's rotten but he's so very, very cute. And he knows how to make his mama feel good.

Pray for my sister-in-law, Becke', today and her family. It was a year ago that her sweet sister, Kiley, went to be with Jesus. Knowing she is basking in His glory is good, but it's still bittersweet. Please remember them today.


blessedpath said...

Landon is so sweet!! Everytime I see that tshirt, I will envision you brushing your teeth (tee-hee) hey, I love your new blog photo of you, it looks so professional!! Who took it?
Thanks for letting us know about Becke today....she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Sveta said...

Valentine-Landon is so cute! Happy Valentine's Day! May your loving family become happier and happier with every year that passes. Much love!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

Happy Valentine's Day Stuarts.

Three Against One said...

How cute is he??? I still can't believe how big he is getting, they grow too fast!!