Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Two weeks ago, when we visited the pediatrician, the doctor checked Tai's ears and could only see wax. After digging in both ears and washing them out, a process that was torturous for both Tia and Lee and I, the doctor had successfully removed four plugs of wax that were each roughly the diameter of a pea. Our doctor told us that Tia had likely been only hearing at about 10%, which is probably why she still wasn't talking.

Today she is talking more clearly than I've ever heard her and she's talking a lot more. She also keeps putting her hands over her ears and saying, "Too loud!" Poor kid.


While driving in the car the other day, I pointed out a brillinat sunset to the kids. We talked about what a great job God did painting the sky. Here were Tia's comments:

"Mommy, Do yud me." (translation God Loves Me)
Me: "Yes he does, Tia."
Tia: "Yeah. Do dood." (God is good)
Me: "Yes, He is."
Tia: "Yeah. Da Hedew bad. Do dood. Da Hedew till me. Do say me." (Darth Vader is bad. God is good. Darth Vader kills me. God saves me.)
Me: "Ooookaaay."

Sloan is into telling jokes. Someone shoot me now. These are the jokes that I must endure multiple times a day.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Gladys who?
Gladys ba-Gladys I don't know where my eyeball is.

I know. Painful. Literally, my stomach starts to twist up in knots every time I hear the words Knock Knock. I even bought him a jokebook in the hopes that he would learn good jokes. Didn't work. He still prefers to make up his own. How long does this phase last?

When Sloan tells Tia a joke, this is usually her response:
"Hol, da no hunny." (Sloan, that's not funny)
Or, my personal favorite, "Hol, da no may sense." (Sloan that doesn't make sense)

I have recently introduced the movie Singin' in the Rain. The kids love it. They dance around the house singing, "Make 'em laaauugh." It's great. We've also started watching Little House on the Prairie on a regular basis. Much to Lee's chagrin. I keep trying to remind him that this will make Sloan very marketable with the ladies someday. He usually responds by telling me that he doesn't want me signing Sloan up for some fru-fru dance class. Deal, babe.

There is a George Clooney movie filming in town in March. I went to the open casting call for extras but when I saw the several hundred people standing in line, I laughed and walked away. On a whim, I sent in my application, but figured I wouldn't hear anything because I heard they were giving preference to those who actually showed up for the casting call. I got a call yesterday asking me if I could come be part of the shoot on March 10. Fun! I'm excited. My mom is out of town that day so I'll have to round up childcare, but it should be a good time.

I told Lee I hope I get to see George Clooney because, um, hi - he's sexy. Lee told me I have full permission to drool over him if we come in contact. My husband is cool.


Jan said...

Poor Tia! But how neat that she can hear so much more now!

Kid jokes crack me up. It's like watching them figure out the cause and effect of what makes a good joke. He'll figure it out and then he'll have you *rolling*! :D

Have fun with that movie shoot!

Sveta said...

It often makes me sad when childre have some problems. i know that they grow with them but I can't be calm about that. poor little girl. Hope she will be ok now. I LOVE Knock Knock. Funnnnnny!

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Lee had the same problem most of his early years (or early ears). Many times he went thru the same procedure of having the wax blasted out of his ears. It was torture for us holding him while this was done. Doc said small ear canals. At about 2.5 years old and in the yard playing one day he heard an airplane fly overhead. This was the first time he had ever acknowledged hearing one, and the noise of the plane scared him causing him to cover his ears. Sorry Tia about the bad genes. I'm glad she's hearing better.



Becke' said...

What is sad is that I can read "Tia's language" now pretty well! I don't even need a translator anymore. I hope you are the "extra" that gets to kiss Clooney! Ha...I can dream for ya! Speaking of lust, I get to see David Cook in concert soon! WHOO HOO!!! Have a great day.

Kimberly said...

I know how Tia feels - I had that procedure done last year. It was amazingly loud for a few days!

Does he know the "Lettuce Who? Lettuce In!" one? That's my favorite.

You lucky girl - if you meet George you better report about it!