Monday, February 9, 2009

Rock Star in the Making

Enjoy the video of our little rock star. I particularly love the part where he sings "I will levah praise you." Awesome. He kept starting just a little too high and had to go into his falsetto. So cute. If you click on The Next American Idol link under the Favorites tab, you can see him singing the same song last year as well. Happy Monday to you all!


blessedpath said...

very cool!! Good job Sloan, you and Chase can pick it together some time!! We hear singing all day everyday around here, from Chase, who must sing at the top of his lungs (and flat:{ ) He is taking guitar lessons too and plays us songs, even when we are in the will love having that video in yrs to come!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for some family fun! the boys and i have been watching this and love sloan's singing. i especially love the "heaaaaaart" in the first video. too cute!

bennett says that the second one was his favorite. and he wanted me to tell you that. and luke's fave was the first.

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

"You're going to Hollywood"