Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basement Dwellers

We are not alone in this house...bam, bam, baaaammmm
Yes, it appears that some furry little friends have decided to make their winter home in my basement. This is not cool with me. I don't do small things that scurry about well. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you probably know that already. I've already chronicled my obvious bravado here. To be honest, I'm slightly less freaked out by mice than by those freakish cave crickets, but let's be realistic here: if one of those critters comes scurrying out at me there is every possibility I will break a bone trying to get away. Let's make this clear - I don't do mice, I don't do crickets, I don't do spiders if they are larger than my pinky fingernail. There, all settled.

Poor Tia - we've been blaming the handfuls of dog food we found scattered in various places in the basement on her. I mean, it's not that far fetched that she would bring handfuls of dog food downstairs, but I was starting to have my suspisions when I found it hiding in Lee's golf bag and in the clean laundry piled up on a table. As I was cleaning up the playroom I found the tell tale evidence on the kid's car table. And it appears that there may be more than one. Perfect, just what I need, a mouse family. Why does this stuff always happen when daddy's out of town? Now, I have to muster up the courage to go downstairs and get my laundry and pray to God Almighty that a dying mouse doesn't squeak at me from the six glue traps I scattered about. Deep breath...

The humble abode where our furry friends seem to have made their home. I mean, it is a fun place to be, but this arrangment is just not going to work.

The dog food is kept upstairs and out that door which leads to the garage. How are the sneaky little buggers getting it into the basement?

This fell out of my clean laundry. I'm not a cussing kinda girl, but there's a good chance a couple of choice words slipped out when I realized what was going on.
A fair amount of dog food was found in the front pocket of Lee's golf bag. Poor Tia took the blame for that one.

There is dog food rattling around inside this car, which has a tiny hole on the bottom where they are sneaking it in.

There is also a good deal of dog food rattling around inside this little chair.The evidence that finally tipped me off. Lots of scattered little pieces of trash, insulation, dog food and some droppings. The least they could do is clean up after themselves...


Gregg said...

Would you like to borrow one or more of our cats?

BTW, I recently wrote about the squirrels that have chewed THROUGH my gutters and fascia and are in our attic.

It must be critter season!

Julie said...

I am right there with you. If I ever saw a mouse in this house we would be moving and I would be staying somewhere else until we did.
I am not sure I can come over on monday if you still have mice:)

paulshaver said...

I have some traps if you want to use them.

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

maybe ir's Despareaux

Byshka said...

Me hates meeses to peeses! And you know my bravery from our days in Wisconsin. Yep, I called your dad and told him he better get home soon, or the mice could have the house and i was out of there! (The clincher was them creaping into my bedroom one night.) Tell Tia to call Uncle Brett. He got blamed for the dog food in the car, which we later named the mouse mobile! Good luck getting rid of them. And I don't take them out of traps or off glue boards either!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Lee!!!! I hope you weren't planning a quiet, restful evening when you get home. Sounds like you are going to have to get out the shovel, and bat again. Have I ever told you the story about the mice in our house in Breckenridge????
Nope, wives and mice can't live in the same house together. Good luck, son!

heartheldhigh said...

That is so gross. I feel for you, girl.

The Original 2 Prices said...

OH MY AWFULNESS!! I don't have any advice other than to scream and run far far away from the creepy crawlies! When is the next flight home for Lee? Surely invasion counts as a family emergency!

Julie S. said...

Lurker here... I was just reading through your blog when I came across this posting.

I also had some unwanted visitors in my house (after moving the fridge and seeing three scurry for cover). I tried the traps (no kill first - then moving on to the glue) only to "catch" two (and still finding evidence of more - in my cabinets!!). A friend of mine said to try something called Shake Away (found online). It's been a month since I applied and I've found none since (knock on wood).

Just thought I would pass this along. Good luck!