Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snippets - With Multimedia

We've had such a wonderful two weeks. I am a little sad that it's all over now and life must go on as usual. Lee leaves tomorrow morning for Phoenix for the week and the kids and I are back in the daily grind. This weekend was our last Harrah and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few snippets from the weekend...

One of our favorite gifts from Lee's parents was the fire pit that we enjoyed a lot the last few days due to the unseasonably warm temperatures. Lee has channeled his inner pyromaniac and has burned everything from tiny sticks hanging out in the yard to the remains of our Christmas tree. And you should all know that a half-dead pine tree smells like a corpse when burned. I bet the neighbors loved us. We've enjoyed S'Mores (not over the pine tree fire, thank goodness) and a good deal of family time huddled close to the warm flames. Saturday was wet and drizzly, but warm, and I'm pretty sure Sloan and Tia were outside for 4-5 hours. They had a ball playing and I was not about to stop them from soaking in as much fresh air as possible. At one point I heard them yelling for us to come outside, so I ran out and this is what I found. Using my go-go gadget arm, I whipped out a camera and snapped a photo. While bathing Landon last night, I decided that it's probably about time to cut his hair. Why is it always so hard to cut little boy's hair for the first time? It's just such a sad thing. But, seriously, the poor boy is starting to sport a pretty pronounced mullet, and when it dries it looks like a reddish blonde football helmet.
For Christmas, Tia's gift to Sloan was a new driver and an iron. And since Christmas day he's been begging Lee to take him to the driving range to try them out. Here is a short video of our little Tigerinthemaking. He was having a hard time because these clubs were significantly longer than his old clubs, but he still managed to smack the ball 50-75 yards pretty consistently. I'm not so secretly scheming on how this could be his college ticket.

Lee got new clothes for Christmas - a much needed boost to his wardrobe. Yesterday, while going through his closet, packing for his trip, Lee exclaimed excitedly, "Man, my clothes are cool now! I'm gonna look awesome." For those of you who know us well, you understand why I am so proud of him right now.
Tonight, the kids and I were in the car and Selah's song, Be Thou My Vision, came on. When Nicol started singing, Sloan asked if that was me on the radio. I grinned, very flattered of course and said no, did it sound like me?
"Yeah," Sloan piped. "Sometimes you sing in a frog voice just like this girl."
I think he meant that it sounded like she had a frog in her throat, because she does have a husky voice. Or, he could just think we sing like frogs. Kids - you gotta love 'em right?


blessedpath said...

Wow, Okay, 1. Love that firepit. it is a beautiful one!! 2. How did the kids bury themselves totally?? 3. LOL at Landon's hair, man, that is a party in the back and all business in the front:)!! I think it's great all spiked out! 4. I can't wait to show Mike the video of Sloan.....I tell you what, that boy can hit a golf ball!!!! I didn't expect such great form and love all the practice swings! 5. I know what you NOT ready to get back to the daily grind. My mind is already preoccupied with the upcomming week.....therefore breaking my 3rd NY resolution after only 1 day:(

Becke' said...

Great fun! Kids love fire, huh?
As for me, I am CELEBRATING the fact that the boys went back to school today! We were needing some routine around here. Happy Monday!

The Original 2 Prices said...

Glad Tom isn't the only pyromaniac! He built a fire pit by edge of the woods by our house 2 years ago. When he finished it, it was August (a super chilly month in South Carolina). Of course, we had to have a fire. We all sat around sweating (grossly)! Let's hear it for fire pits (October through March)!

Stefanie A. said...

Ok, so the profile pic of Landon fresh out of the tub is so darn cute!! Mom and I totally cracked up when we looked at it!! He is so adorable!! Hope you all are doing well! Love ya, Stef