Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Goals

Okay, it's time to set some goals for the coming year. I fell into a nasty trap the last half of 2008 where I was lazy and completely unproductive. It's amazing how the start of a new year can give you so much energy and adrenaline. So what exactly are my new year's resolutions? I've been thinking about this the last couple of days. I want to be careful to set realistic goals so that I don't totally set myself up for failure - something I've been known to do. I think I've set the bar at just the right height so I'm challenged but not buggerd. So here they are, my 2009 goals:

- Try to remember birthdays and at least give a phone call. I give myself bonus points if I get a card in the mail.
- Work harder on my russian.
- Finish my novel. This book is the thorn in my flesh because I'm so intimidated by the subject I've chosen to write about, yet I feel compelled to tell the story.
- Save money at the grocery store. I've tried to get in the habit of clipping coupons and taking them with me, but I still don't give it the effort I should because it intimidates me.
- Get in shape. I've lost all my baby weight, but I'm rather soft and that annoys me.
- Read more, but do so reasonably. I'm reading the Twilight series (more on that soon) and I'm almost finished with book 2. My problem with reading, however, is that I have no reasonable sense of time when I do so. Therefore, if you see me, you'll understand why I have circles under my eyes.
- Watch less TV. I have fallen into the habit of immediately turning the tube on in the evenings and if I broke this, I would have more time for my reading and still, hopefully be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour (riiiiight...).
- Get a few paid writing gigs. I took a hiatus when Landon was born, but it's time to work again.
- Learn to take better photos.
- Spend as much time in Florida as I possibly can - I need to talk through this one with Lee.
- Eat as many scones as possible without gaining a single pound.

There are a few more goals that I'd like to accomplish, personal goals that I don't want to share here. We'll see how it goes. That last one may be kind of rough, but I'm always up for a challenge. Most of these things I've already started working on anyway but it's nice to lay them out. Happy resolving to you all!


Anonymous said...

looks like a good list!

i've blogged about my inability to turn off the light when reading at night, too. it's so annoying that i do this to myself.

Sveta said...

Yeah, that's amazing how the start of the year can give you so much energy! I've been thinking about my own 2009 goal for a couple of days already but still can't make the whole list. Some of them are very personal and I wil put them down into the journal I'm still keeping (I adore writing in hand). Good luck to you with your russian and the book!

kelly said...

impressive list!! you should eat scones just because you've lost all of your baby weight - that's amazing!!! are these scones that you make, or buy? i have a realllllly good recipe for savory scones, but not for sweet ones - if you have one, you should share!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an overwhelming list to me, and if I understand correctly, the list you gave is not complete!!!! All I can say is "hang onto your hat, Kelli".
Love ya,

P.S. I have 3 things on my list, and I'm sure not posting it on this blog. You are braver than I am.