Monday, January 12, 2009

Lee the Barbarian

So far, we've caught two mice on the glue boards that are sitting out by the dog food. The first one was still alive and shimmied himself underneath the car. For a brief moment I was afraid we had teenage mutant ninja mice who had outsmarted us and stolen a glueboard. Had that been the case, we would have moved. No doubt - I would relinqiush my house without question.

I told you all before, I'm not a mouse kinda gal. I don't like them, especially when they've been sneaking around my hosue in the dark. But I have to admit, the sight of this little guy spazzing pitifully on the glueboard made me feel a little sad. My sadness quickly turned to horror, however, when Lee pulled out a hammer and told me to go back inside. I turned into the girly girl and begged him not to bludgeon the poor creature. At this point, though, Sloan and Tia were coming outside so I had to quickly retreat. My last vision was of the door slowly closing as Lee leaned over the twitching mouse. It was like a bad movie. A few minutes later, Lee walked in all smug assuring me that he only tapped it hard enough to put it out of misery.

My husband scares me sometimes. Remember this story? Well, it turns out I had the details wrong. He actually killed that animal with a crowbar, not a shovel, which is even more horrifying. Thank God the second mouse we caught was already dead. I was relieved but I think Lee was a little disappointed.

And now I'm off to begin a wildly busy day. I have more to do than there are hours of the day so we'll see what happens. Happy Monday!


Three Against One said...

Ummm, that is all I got, don't know what to really say here! :)

Tiffany said...

wow. i can't wait for jeremy to read this post! Ha ha ha ha ha...
good luck with the critters.

blessedpath said...

REMINDER!!! Humane society Club hope leader lives down the street!! I think I prefer the old fashioned trap that clicks their necks......or a cage then you can release them....oh what am i saying. My motto will be "ignorance is bliss" as far as the mice and Lee go. :)

PETA said...

I don't know where to begin. And thank you for clarifying to us the weapon used in the horrific attack on that poor creature. But, we are not surprised.
We at PETA do see the mostly humane side of the glue trap. But fail to see the humane side of the hammer. Was it a mallet, or your normal run-of-the-mill mouse killer claw hammer?
Either way...we think you have a problem. Next time...please resort to something a little more humane. them to the dog, or a snake, maybe a catapult, or take them for a drive on toss them out into a dont even need to stop the car.


Stuarts said...

I am truly grateful for your recommendations on how to best handle the stuck mice. I am wondering, though, do you think my husband needs some kind of interventional counseling? Does PETA provide such services? I find that he takes much pride in his killings - he's giddy even. Is this normal and what do you suggest we do, you protectors of all things small and furry. Thank you for you time and thought.
A concerned wife.

Erika Conley said...

LOL! it must be a guy thing. Jason was dying when he read this post!

PETA said...


First of all. We are not the protectors of ALL things "Small and Furry." Only the CUTE things small and furry.
Does your husband need counseling?
Yes. And I have a few reasons
-You should have used a quick "snap o the neck" trap
-You should only post pictures of yourself dunking a basketball if it is the regulation 10 foot rim.
-The crowbar was not the way to go...I would have used a baseball bat...but nice touch...

Crap. Did it again.

You are fine...he is fine...kill em all!!!!!

See our link.

jeremy nevil said...

And if he could keep his shirt on that would be great too...


The Original 2 Prices said...

You are braver that I am! I say keep the hammer handy, Lee.